General Info

Getting to us:

The American University of Beirut (AUB) is located in Beirut, Lebanon on the Eastern Mediterranean Coast. We are located in the Hamra neighborhood, full of restaurants, shops and bars. You can walk everywhere.  The easiest way from the airport (BEY) to Hamra is an Uber (average cost 14 USD).

City details:

The average weather in Beirut in May is mild (between 17 – 23°, in the afternoon warming to 26°). Sometimes there is rain. In Lebanon you can pay for almost everything with USD (1 USD will be counted as 1500LBP) and you may be given change in a combination of LBP and USD. English is widely spoken.  You will also hear Arabic, French and sometimes Armenian.


If you are coming from abroad, know that Hamra has many lodging possibilities.  If you need suggestions, contact us. For those who are lodged in the Gefinor Rotana hotel, the walk to the closest gate to the university is approximately 350m.  You may consult the DHI-B map for other distances.

Technology details:

AUB campus is equipped with eduroam. All registered participants will be provided with guest wifi.  The plugs in Lebanon are mostly ungrounded type C Europlugs (220).  Participants should bring their own laptops to the event.  In most cases a tablet is insufficient for Digital Humanities work.

When on campus, peek into our stunning Archeology Museum, located close to Boustani Auditorium and Van Dyke Hall (see the DHI-B map for its location.)